Combat Procrastination with Productivity

All you need are these five steps!

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Combat Procrastination with Productivity

Get organized for the year

Get organized for the year

Get organized for the year

Get organized for the year

Anika Mistry

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Procrastination. It is the bane of our existence as high school students. We set out to do something productive, while in reality we put it off until we cannot put it off anymore. Sometimes it isn’t even our fault. Students in this generation are juggling school, numerous extracurricular, work and their social life it is hard to be on top of all your work. It’s the start of the school year. Here are some changes that can be used this school year and in the future to improve your academic success. Here are some tips to fight procrastination and became more productive.

1. Use a Calendar

If you went to Scotts Valley Middle School you surely remember Binder Reminders. Yes, those planners the school made you use to write down every single school related assignment or event. Most of us may have not enjoyed this, but sustaining and utilizing a planner or calendar is a real time saver. Calendars and planners help you visualize what needs to be completed in a day and when it ultimately must be done. They are easy to carry around with you and can even be on your phone which is something we always have with us.

2. Schedule Everything

Now that you have a calendar, schedule everything. Whether it be a doctor’s appointment, a sports event, or a school assignment. Like the calendar you can visually see everything meaning you can see when you have more time one day than another. Scheduling everything also makes you less likely to forget something making you more responsible and being more responsible is a key factor in being productive.

3. Set Goals

Whether it be mentally or written down, set goals for yourself. Let’s say you have a math project due on Friday and it is Monday; a goal for you would be to finish at least ¼ of the project tonight. Usually if you mentally tell yourself that you will work until you want to stop you will do less than you would do with your goal.

4. Turn Your Phone Off

Do you ever tell yourself you will be on your phone for 3 minutes to just check a

text and realize you have actually been on it for an hour?  Whether it be mentally This is due to there being a surplus of distractions on your phone. If you simply turn off your phone you will not see any of these distractions until you have the time to do so.

Using your phone as a resource is a different hurdle to combat. For example, you may use your phone as a calculator. If this is the case try to use a real calculator that is not a phone or the real version of an app you are using on your phone.

5. Work on Weekends

A lot of us may hate the idea of giving up our two days of bliss for doing school work, but it is extremely beneficial. If you know your assignments and

have the time on the weekends it is easier to get as much of it out of the way as possible versus on weekdays when you have extracurricular activities, appointments and other homework. Doing some of your work on the weekend allows for you to have more time during the week whether you have a busy schedule or need time to yourself or just want to hang out with friends.

Implementing these small tweaks in your everyday routine can help you stay on top of your work. Being productive instead of procrastinating can make you feel less stressed about your work as well as more prepared. Not procrastinating has numerous other benefits such as being organized and responsible which are life skills we will carry on with us after high school and even college. It is important to start making changes now, so when you are faced with the challenge of completing your work without teachers and parents pushing you, you can encourage yourself.