A Insight to the Message Portrayed by Rick and Morty

If you think Rick is a person don't talk to me.

Fiona, Opinion columnist

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Rick and Morty season 3 ended a little over a year ago, and with it died down some of the controversy surrounding the show and it’s more passionate fans. This absence has been a breath of relief for many but it begs the question why so many of the show’s fans have latched on to Rick Sanchez and idolized him as a heroic persona. To me and, in my opinion, anyone else who had the scene the show and understands what it means to be a good person this says that Rick and Morty has failed in it’s goal as a television show. While a TV show’s first goal is always to entertain so the creators can make money, they will also have a moral or message they try to convey to the viewer. Rick and Morty has failed to do this over and over again.
I’m not saying I hate the show and I think people who watch it are bad people. I think it’s a good show. I don’t think you can argue that it’s not. It has a lot of good world building, an appealing and unique animation style, a dynamic and interesting plot, 3-dimensional characters, and it’s funny. There’s a lot of satire and fourth wall jokes. People can say it’s bad because it’s graphic and there’s too much violence but it’s an adult show intended for adults. There’s going to be mature themes.
The problem is the way the viewers interact with the protagonist. Rick Sanchez is, in no uncertain terms, a bad person. He is an emotionally distant alcoholic as well as emotionally abusive father and grandfather. He’s selfish and sometimes goes out of his way to be cruel. He does what he wants with little regard for the consequences it will have on others. He’s incredibly intelligent but he uses that as an excuse to shirk his responsibilities and do what he wants.
Despite the show’s creator, Justin Roiland, saying multiple times that Rick Sanchez is a bad person and even putting it in the show, many fans of the show still can not seem to grasp their mind around the idea that this is not a man to idolize. Many actually claim to relate to the character and see the same struggles in their own lives. They think they too are smarter and therefore better than all the people around them and rather than face the fact that they might be bad people they would rather pretend that the world is instead out to get them. If Rick is the hero why not I.
This obsession showed how dangerous it can be last year with McDonald’s limited release of it’s Szechuan sauce and the chaos that followed. For those that don’t watch the show, this was done following the season premiere of the show’s third season. In which is physically transported to his memories along with an agent who is threatening him.Rick decides that instead of doing what he is told, which will result in the least amount of harm; he is going to find a McDonald’s and get the promotional Szechuan sauce they were selling at this time. He has a short monologue about how much he loves this sauce, but, believe it or not, the sauce is not the most important part of this scene. The most important part is the way Rick doesn’t care about the effects his actions have. It’s about the way he does what he wants because it’s what benefits him.
This message went over the heads of many audience members who instead decided to harass McDonald’s into once again selling the sauce. These people watched the episode, heard the speech, saw the consequences that followed. Instead of seeing how Rick is a bad person who did a bad thing, they saw Rick liked a certain sauce and decided they too much like this sauce. Nothing more than a game of monkey see, monkey do.
The demographic where this is scene the most is young to middle-aged, straight, single men. This is a problem because we now have a substantial number of young men who are behaving selfishly and excusing themselves because their favorite character on TV does it too. Men who, despite treating everyone around them terribly, think they’re the “good guy” and everyone else is just out to get them.
So if you think Rick is a good person, it’s probably because you identify with him. And if you identify with him I don’t want you speaking to me.