Pitch Perfect way to spend your V-Day

Jazzi Montgomery

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Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. It’s that time of year when single people want to hide out and people in love get to blast their happiness all over social media and in public. People give big bouquets and boxes of chocolate. Some find it beautiful others find it agonizing, personally I just want something fun to do.  Yes, Hallmark and candy companies have taken over the holiday and so for that most of our generation find it fairly cheesy. However, there is some beautiful history behind the name Valentine.

I love Valentine’s Day and I hope after this you can find some joy in it as well. First I’ll give you a little history lesson. It all started with St. Valentine. After Emperor Claudius banned marriage (he needed young men to be fighting wars not falling in love and having children) St.Valentine decided to marry them anyway, in secret of course. At the time this was a major scandal, Valentine had couples from all around come to him to get married. St. Valentine let love prevail in the heartless rule of Emperor Claudius who maybe was only crazy with power because he couldn’t find love himself. ( I have no historical evidence for this)

Valentine’s Day is for the youthful idealization of love, for the realist to give in and romanticize a little, it is there to remind us that even in a world where politics and terror consume the headlines, love still exists. Love as said before is the closest thing we have to magic. Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to cry over Rom Coms, eat too much ice cream, and maybe even skip the gym but it’s also a day dedicated to embracing love. Its one of the only times in our society that is acceptable to be overly emotional and embrace every feeling we have.

So here’s a few cheap ways you can spread the love and embrace the holiday:  

  1. Rent some Romantic Comedy’s with your friends or your significant other: First off you can rent the movie Valentine’s Day which I personally love, then there’s your classics like Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, Bridget Jones Diary, Pretty Woman, and for many more go  https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/entertainment/g3243/best-romantic-comedy-movies/?slide=7. I know if you’re not a fan of the day or of love in general you’re reading this there’s also Valentine’s themed horror movies either way rent some movies with your friends, get some takeout and hangout with the people you care about.
  2. Go out on the town: Go get dinner with your friends downtown. Yes, there will be lots of couple’s there and you may be thinking wait that’s expensive but if you get the expensive entrèe you know their meals are pretty big. You can share, and if you’re with you S/O maybe you’ll have a Lady and the Tramp moment.
  3. Take a group of friends to Woodstocks in Santa Cruz for Trivia night: This festive event brings together trivia aficionados, boneheads and the chic geek for a night of boisterous fun!Thursdays, Sign-ups at 8:30 PM, Game at 9 PM! It’s Free to play so pull your team of 2 – 6 together and join us on Thursday nights.
  4. Take a Bath/ Self Care: Love yourself this Valentine’s Day get a book, put on some music, use a face mask, make some time for yourself, and just be. Self care is so important and since we don’t have school on Friday you can press pause on the studying and life in general and just relax with yourself. Go to bed early or late. Just you do you.  
  5. Drive on West Cliff/ Go to Davenport: Pick up some takeout and put it in your car and drive around with your friends take some pictures.             
  6. Palentine’s Day: Just get together with your friends and do whatever you want with a box of chocolates.            
  7. Go thrift shopping: It’s cheap and you can find some pretty awesome stuff just go with some friends and dress up find some funny outfits live it up.
  8. Go to Zumba with your friends: Thursday night is their regular class but they’ll probably have some love in the air. Dance it all out and sweat it off, that way you can eat whatever you want on this candy induced day.   
  9. Go to a coffee shop and people watch: Valentine’s Day is probably the best day to people watch as I said before everyone’s guard is down and they’re just basking in the love. You’ll probably see a lot of love and a lot of cuteness. You can also bring a book and read a cheesy love story if you don’t feel like watching a movie. Order a scone and some coffee and love the love in the air.    
  10. Lastly here’s some of fat Amy’s confidence, Ask your crush to be your Valentine: If they say no they say no, it’s not the end of the world but, if they say yes there ya go you’ve got someone of romantic interest to do this V-Day list with! If you wanna let them know, this is probably the best way to do it. 

Instead of not feeling good on Valentine’s Day use these few fun ways to make the best of it. Call your friends or your grandparents spread the love all over. As for me I’ll be spending the weekend with my Grammy having our own Galentine’s day. Hope these few tips help you celebrate this years V-day.

If you take any of our suggestions take a picture and we’ll feature you on the instagram.